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A Little Bit About Us!

We're Ryan & Linn! We started our first big adventure in October 2016 and since then we have spent time in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & Malaysia.

We both left our busy jobs and hectic lifestyles in London behind and set off to see the World!...Well we'll start in Asia then we will have to wait to see where we go next!  So the time was right, the contract on our flat was drawing to an end so we decided that instead of looking for another flat we would try the nomadic lifestyle for a while and see where that takes us.

Ryan is a chef and has worked in some great hotels, restaurants and pubs in London for over thirteen years, moving from County Durham at the age of 17.

Linn is from Stockholm, Sweden and moved to London to study at the age of 21 and since then has worked as a waitress in some amazing bars and pubs in the capital...  We actually met each other in our previous job!

Right now we are in Lumut, Malaysia.  A sleepy sea side town near Pangkor Island. We have rented a flat and have decided to stay for a while, rest our feet, write our blog and work on our tans.

A few of our Buddies!

We have met Some amazing people on our travels so far, both in person and online, we cant fit them all in but these are three of our favourites.

Go Global, Live Local.

The guys at Tripcendo are experts at getting you off the beaten track, coupling you with a host and showing you Singapore from a locals perspective.  You can even use the code:


at the checkout for a cheeky little discount an any of their activities...

Live Global, Think Local.

Adam & Gabby's blog was one of the first travel blogs I read. They inspired us to stick around in places much longer than we thought we should and explore that little bit more.  Unfortunately for them they are our go to guys for help with our (many) stupid Questions regarding...Well...Anything really.

Pearl Cartel

Master Translator/hustler

Click here to check them out!


The one and only Rachel from Memphis, TN lives in Chile right now and has done for the last  four 4 years teaching English and hustlin' on the side. We love her energy and following her escapades on Instagram and her website.  Full of fun and excitement!  Check her out!

Why don't you you check out our Instagram?

There are SO many more wonderful pictures on our Instagram Page to browse through and wish you were there with us!

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