Blogging is Easy…Right?

Blogging is Easy...Right?


We started with a basic WordPress account, mainly so we could keep a diary so that our parents and friends could keep track of where we were and if we were still alive. Then, one day I was approached by Zeth from Tripcendo, an establishment that offers adventures with local people in Singapore.  It was the first inkling that we could make a slight living from all this blogging malarcky that spurred me on to turning our humble little WordPress blog into an actual website.  I've wanted to travel for as long as I remember but there was always something that kept me anchored, mainly work. Now we're travelling and kitchen life is a few months behind me I thought: Why the hell not, lets give it ago!

SO. Here we are.  We bought a small laptop as writing as uploading blogs from our phones were a bloody nightmare.  We had given up in Laos as the WiFi wasn't able to keep up.  Two months passed us by as we ventured through Laos and Vietnam and we felt lazy. We had done nothing other than enjoy ourselves.  We decided to settle for a month in Malaysia and get out selves organised, renting a flat, buying a domain and trying to remember everything we had done in the past few months.

A rainy day in Hoi An
Kuang-Si Sel-fi

It seems easy enough...

Reading through blogs from other traveller's made it look easy, I have to admit. The things they talk about, the experiences they've all had and their websites are incredible, surely its easy enough to throw a decent website together and add a post every now and again?  Ives been building this sight for a whole two weeks now, with one problem after another. From broken links to pictures turning 90 degrees for no apparent reason.  I hope you guys think the sites good, I've lost hair over it!

So now with the bones of the operation in place I realised we should probably have a mailing list going, add a subscription link and send a few emails out.  It may be easy to most but I've found it to be an infuriating version of rocket science so far and I still haven't got it right...Comments and help on this would be extremely appreciated.

And then there's the small matter of...

SEO'S...I'd never heard of them, in fact I still don't know what the stand for.  All I know is that they are important for search engines so they can find you and it shoots your website/blog high up that endless list of URL's.  So I learned how to do that, changed the snippets and focus words and felt pretty good about it too. A lot of green lights on my SEO edits.  Then I searched google for my sight...Nothing, I couldn't find it.  I went back to the drawing boards and after a few hours I tried searching again, this time it came up, but the editing I had done had not taken hold and I'm left with a description of this site that is frustratingly annoying.  But I decided to pick my battles and left it.

GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE... I'm not even going to get into this.

Spam filters, back up, plugins, margins, modules, CSS and the list goes on and after all of this I still haven't worked out how to change the size of the font!

Okay...It's not that easy...

I've just notice some one has used a link of ours to book a hotel room for the night, Hurrah! And thank you! I have 0.20 euros heading my way.  Its certainly not as easy as I thought it could/would be, but I have loved every minute of travelling, writing about it, taking a million photographs with my iPhone and pulling my hair out whilst creating this site that you've landed on somehow.  We're always learning and improving it and there is a long way to go to be any where near as good as the 'big boys' of blogging but I'll do my damned best to get there and I hope your tagging along for the ride.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging is Easy…Right?

  1. You guys, this has got to be THE MOST related blog post I’ve ever read in my entire life (and I’ve read many).

    Especially the part about the newsletter. I felt the exact same way, if you look closely, I even grew some grey hairs! I can’t wait to continue to follow along your journey 🙂

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