Koh Phi Phi

Sun, Sea & Snorkelling

We got up early to get the bus from near Nai Yang beach towards Phuket to get ther ferry to Koh Phi Phi! This was our first 'NOOB' moment, we had no idea where the bus was picking us up from, or exactly when and trying to ask a local guy proved fruitless.

luckily a cabbie pulled up and took us to Phuket Town in time for the ferry to Phi Phi Island! We wanted to take the bus but eventually gave in to him.

We were there in nearly an hour less that it would have taken the bus! And for nearly the same price! Crazy!

Phi Phi!

We had to buy tickets in a hurry as the ferry was close to leaving but Ryan's card got swallowed by the ATM as he tried to get cash out so we had to wait for over 10 minutes. Thankfully it finally spat it back out! Onto the boat we went...

It was a nice boat crossing, not to choppy but it was quite cloudy, Ryan is a bit pink from the sun but he's a northerner and they burn easily...right?

Phi phi is amazingly beautiful, clear waters, white sandy beaches, paradise.  After getting off the boat we had to join another line to pay 'island tax' which was 20 Baht each.  This apparently pays for keeping the island clean.

We had skipped breakfast so when we got here, we quickly found a nice place to eat on the path that goes around the island, sitting right on a beach where the long boats dock. Another great Massaman curry and red curry!

After walking up a very steep hill to our lodgings, the Phuphaya Seaview, we decided to find our way to the beach for a swim. We were in the ocean for no longer than 10 minutes when the winds picked up, mist covered the mountains and waves began to crash, it was one of the windiest places we been. We are glad we headed back to shore as quickly as we did.

On the boat to Phi Phi
View at lunchtime!
Delicious Pad Thai!

As wind and rain hit the beach we took cover in one of the little bars close by, not that it did much sheltering as the whole bar was open. After a few drinks the rain had eased up and we made our way back to the centre of the island for some dinner. Ryan was a very pink by this point, we hadn't realised until now..

After the dinner we went to the Rock. a bar built on top of a rock believe it or not and played a few games of Yatzy... Ryan emerging victorious! It was only 8pm at the end of the first day on Phi-Phi but Linn was shattered and I almost had to carry her home, as soon as we got back she was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow!

An amazing place to watch the sun go to sleep!

We hadn't booked a place to stay for the second night so we decided to stay at the same place.  It's Way up a hill and a bit of a hike but it's high up and over looks the bay. Its and incredible place to watch the sun go to sleep whilst resting in a hammock!!

After Linn had her 12 hour marathon nap we made our way down towards docks for lunch at the same place we had dinner the previous night...great food yet again I had fried noodles and Linn had a tasty Pad Thai...I wish I could remember the name of the place!

We wanted to go snorkelling off the island and quickly found ourselves a boat,  We aren't the booze cruise kind of people so we charterd our own long boat for a few hours. These guys can be found near the dock next to the main scuba diving centres. The water was very choppy as we made our way to the smaller islands and we were soaked before we even got into the water.


Our private beach for the day!

First our guide took us to a little beach full of monkeys (not monkey island) and we spent some time there with just us and the monkeys, then 3 boats came at the same time and filled the beach so we headed for our first dive spot.  The snorkelling is amazing here there are so many different spots and so many beaches including Maya beach from that DiCaprio film a while back. we would have happily stayed on Phi Phi for weeks seeing it all.

Longboats on Phi Phi

We crossed over to Phi Phi Lay which is the smaller of the Phi Phi islands. Once there we had a great time snorkelling in a few different bays, we saw a lot of fish we'd previously only seen on tv....or a dinner plate! Including some amazing little Cuttlefish.

We decided not to go to the famous Maya beach (400 Baht for the privilege) and instead had an adventurous walk/swim/stumble over jagged rocks and sea cucumbers, slugs to a small empty beach on the other side of the island.

Every One needs to go to Phi Phi.  Its incrediballs!

Ryan & Linn

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