Leaving London!

Our bags are packed!

Tickets to Phuket!


We still can't believe we're actually doing this! With all the excitement and stress from packing up our whole lives, frantically selling what we don't need anymore and trying to see everyone before we leave London for the time being.  We haven't had time to think about much else.  Ryan is recovering from a broken hand so he's been pretty useless at the heavy lifting department but right now we are waiting to be picked up by his dad and start the car journey to County Durham.

Our first little hiccup came when we realised how much shit we actually wanted to keep.  We had taken it all down 3 flights of stairs and piled it up waiting for our pickup and when Ryan's dad arrived we realised we wouldn't fit it all in so we quickly started a cull. Ryan praised his younger self for the amount of time spent playing Tetris and managed to get most of it in but we still had to leave a fair bit of shit on the pavement. Someone would have been feeling lucky that morning that's for sure.

We are still surprised that the car actually moved with all the weight in it.  Ryan had thought about keeping his fish tank but sold it at the last minute, if he hadn't that would have been another thing left behind!

Finally, with Linn stuffed in the back seat surrounded with what was left our our life in London we were on our way.  It took a little while but we got there and we were greeted by my two lovely whippets; Pip & Alfie. Although Ryan rarely sees them that doesn't stop them from going crazy when he shows up.  Linn saw the Angel of the North for the first time and we spent some long over due time with Ryan's parents.

We spent a few days with Ryan's folks and then, after our goodbyes we headed to Newcastle airport to catch our flight to Stockholm for Ryan's very first visit to Scandinavia.  We had both met each others parents for the first time in the space of five days, pretty daunting that's for sure!  We wandered around the Old Town and met some of Linn's Friends who work at Ardbeg Embassy and had a great little sharing platter...Well worth a visit if your in the area, fantastic whiskey selection!  After a few days of checking the city and a very expensive meal or two we said our good byes and headed to Arlanda airport to start out journey.

The Angel of the North
Pip & Alfie

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