After a long and VERY uncomfortable flight (thanks Aeroflot) we finally arrived in Phuket early this morning.  You would have thought polar bears resided in Phuket airport from how low the air conditioning was.  We still had thick jumpers on, heavy trousers and we honestly felt freezing.  Walking out of the air port was like walking into a Turkish steam room.  It was so damn hot, neither of us were ready for it.

We jumped in a taxi and made our way to our hotel. For the first couple of nights we stayed at the IDEO Phuket, which was only a 10 minute journey from the airport.  There are so many cheaper places to stay but as we had just travelled so far we decided to stay some where a bit nicer for the first couple of nights while we got our bearings.


Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach

We didn't waste any time and decided to go exploring straight away!  We turned left out of IDEO hotel and walked straight, down an over grown little dirt path, not knowing what was at the other end.  After around a 5 minute walk it opened up onto the very beautiful Nai Yang Beach. Amazingly we were pretty much the only people there.  The sun was shining it was an amazing first morning walking along the beach. We had been told by a few people we had talked to that there was a red flag for the beach today, a swarm of jelly fish had made it their home.



The walk to the beach
Ryan's New Favourite!
Empty beach Beach

The sunshine and warmth didn't last long though.  The heavens opened and it started Pissing it down. We ran to the hotel at the end of the beach for shelter which turned out to be a very posh Marriott hotel. After a few drinks and talking to the staff it eventually stopped raining. The staff there were really friendly and even let us use their pool as we didn't want to risk the jelly fish. At the Other end of the beach there is a strip with restaurants, massage parlours and bars. Our favourite place to eat there was a little place called Rotcharin Seafood.

Nai Yang Beach
Amazing green curry!

Unfortunately we hadn't planned on staying here for very long.  We have a lot of stops to make as we travel north through Thailand. Our next stop is Phi Phi Islands but we plan to fly back home from here so there will be another chance to explore.


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