Travel Lowlights

Our Travel Low-Lights...So Far

Travelling for long periods of times isn't all fun and games.  There are many stressful encounters and times of not knowing what the bloody hell's going on. Here are a few of our low-lights so far, some have silver linings and some were just too bad to see the bright side at the time.  Looking back we laugh at a few of these but many were just horrible experiences that i'd care not to repeat.

Savannakhet - Laos - Devil Dogs

This experience, for me has to be one of the worst things I've ever had to go through. We go to Savannakhet early afternoon and it was roasting hot.  Our guest house turned out to be around 6 km from the town centre, great!  The walk to town wasn't a problem, the sun was shinning and we were eager to explore.

It was the walk back at midnight when things took a bad turn.  we have seen so many street bound dogs in Thailand and Laos but here was the first time we'd had problems.  The road we walked was straight and long.  Have you seen Gladiators? that Brit TV show from the 90's? When the contestants had to run through them with out getting hit?  Well it was like that but with dog after growling and snarling dog.  Each pack staying close to our heels until we were far enough from their territory,  then as one group left us alone another took over all the way back which took nearly an hour.  An hour in which I barely took a breath.


Kon Tum to Nha Trang - Vietnam - Our First Sleeper Bus

We'd been in Vietnam for one day, crossing the boarder from Attapeu in Laos into Kon Tum (which is another story that doesn't quite make into onto the low-light list).

In Kon tum we found that few people spoken English which we didn't quite expect since Laos was very easy in that respect.  We wanted to get to Nha Trang and enquired about busses.  The lady behind the counter and I played a game of charades that ended in us thinking the bus took only 4 hours. Result!  We went back the next day and waited for our bus, it never came, a guy called us over from a car across the parking lot and he was meant to take us to the bus, after a bit of hesitation we got in.  it was now the two of us in the back seat and a mother and her young daughter sitting next to the driver. Fine.

After a 20 minute drive he stopped and picked up another 3 people, there was now 4 of us on the back seat, 2 in the front and one old lady in the boot, covered in luggage.  I'm nearly 6 foot and this was not comfortable in anyway.  I asked how long until the bus which yielded little answers.  we were in the back seat for nearly an hour with a maniac driver that attempted overtaking a lorry whilst cresting a hill, it very nearly didn't end well.  We got to the bus, finally.  The sleeper bus looked great, a comfy bed, WiFi blankets but something clicked...Why would we be taking a sleeper for a four hour journey?  when we booked the tickets it turned out she didn't mean four hours she meant 4 AM!  After 12 hours we got dumped in Nha Trang at 4 in the morning.  Linn was seriously pissed off as she'd booked a fancy resort hotel for my birthday, we didn't get there until 5:30 and the first night had gone.

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