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In the three weeks leading up to leaving the U.K we spent hours reading through hundreds of top travel tip pages, most of them the same but there was always one that stood out as something we never thought of. Here are our top tips, you've probably read them all before but maybe, just maybe you might have a light bulb moment...


Make copies of your travel documents.

No brainer really...Take copies and/or photographs of all your important documents before you leave...Even give a copy to your folks in case your copies get lost. We keep copies on Dropbox so they are easily accessible on our phones or at an internet cafe.

Hello, Please, Thank you & Sorry

Learn these four phrases at least. Its a great way to engage or start a conversation and its always great to learn new things.  If your feeling fancy learn more but at the VERY least learn these...oh and 'beer' that's Ryan's favourite

Pop Quiz!

Where is the biggest waterfall in South-East Asia?

Find out here!

Khone Phapheng Falls, Don Khong (4000 Islands) – Laos.

Khon Phapheng Falls is the largest waterfall along the Mekong river and the largest in all of Southeast Asia. It is also the reason why the Mekong isn't navigable all the way into China

Be Clear

We got on a bus believing it to be a four-hour trip, it turned out they had meant 4 am in, a twelve-hour trip that we weren't prepared for at all.Write it down. The departure time and arrival time in military style and get a thumbs up from the guys selling the tickets. It’s not a great feeling not knowing what the hell’s going on or being dumped in the middle of nowhere at 4 am.

Confirm prices BEFORE taking public transport

There is little worse than jumping in a taxi and being stung at the other end, especially if it’s a shot trip, This has happened to us a few times.  Always get the price before you get a taxi, Tuk-Tuk or boat...Unless the taxi is metered, these guys seem to get a little annoyed at the fact you've asked for some reason.

First aid

Thankfully we haven't had much need for our first aid kit or our sterile needle kit.  Touch wood.  A first aid kit is a must, especially it hot humid countries as a simple cut can get infected very quickly.

Depending on how hardcore your activities and how rural your destinations will be get a sterile needle kit in case something worse happens or you need dental work and the 'hospital' in the area is a bit grimy.   Make sure you take and prescriptions with you that you will need and stock up on medication such as pain killers, allergy tablets and anti-diarrhoea tablets.  Everywhere we have travelled so far has had decent and cheap medication in pharmacies.  We even Bought Valium and antibiotics from a corner shop in Laos.

Tell your bank where you’re going

I don't know about any of you guys but we have been in a situation where neither of our cards have worked in any ATM in an area, if it hasn't trust me it’s a major ball ache.  We didn't realise that on most online banking sites or apps you can schedule travel flags meaning your bank won’t block the transaction. I sure wish someone had told us that before we left.

Also, try to take two cards, that way if you lose one it isn’t such a big problem, just make sure to contact your bank as soon as possible and log it as missing.

Travel Insurance

Anything can happen...Nuff said...Insure yourselves!

worldnomads offer a great travel insurance package that pretty much covers anything except a monkey nicking your camera.  There are two options to chose from that offer different degrees of cover. It cost me just over £100 to insure myself for 3 months through Laos, Vietnam and Malaysia.   Hurrah!

Ladies...Invest in a moon cup

for those of you who are savvy to moon cups (and I certainly wasn't) they are a silicone menstrual cup designed to be a convenient, safe and Eco-friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary pad.  It holds more than an ordinary tampon, its space saving and think of all that money your going to save!

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